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Name Age Program Setting Duration Cost Student/Teacher Ratio Certification Required Evidence of Effectiveness Endorsement
Healing of the Canoe High School Flexible No set length - for example it could be used over a weekend, or over an entire school year. Free 10:2 No Tribal Best Practice, Promising Practice N/A,
Multimedia Circle of Life (mCOL) Middle School Flexible 7 online lessons @ 20 min each + 7 group lessons @ 45 min each Free 15:1 No Leading Practice Office of Minority Health
Native It's Your Game Middle School Flexible 13 lessons (30-50 minutes each) Free Any No Promising Practice It’s Your Game…Keep It Real is recognized as a Tier 1 intervention by TPP and by What Works 2010.
Native STAND High School Flexible 27 sessions (90 minutes each) Free (plus cost of materials for class activities, roughly $500) 20:2 No Leading Practice N/A,
Native VOICES High School,Young Adults Flexible 1 lesson at 35 minutes; 1 lesson at 75 minutes; or 5 lessons at 60 minutes apiece Free Up to 75:1 No Best Practice CDC’s HIV Effective Interventions,
Safe in the Village High School Flexible The SITV movie runs 35 min. and the supplemental actor interviews are 25 min. The estimated program duration is 3 hours which includes time for watching the movie and interviews and holding group discussions. The program could be broken into two 1-1.5 hour sessions: session 1 movie/group discussion, session 2 actor interviews/group discussion. Free 20:1 No Emerging Practice N/A,
We R Native Teacher's Guide High School Flexible 8 lessons, 40 minutes each Free 20:1 No Emerging Practice N/A,